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The Diamond Grinding Wheel is the wheel of choice among equine veterinarians and the highest performing grinding wheel available for the PowerFloat.

It operates with less vibration than other discs on the market, yet possesses superior cutting characteristics and reduced interface friction, allowing the wheel to slide more easily into tight spaces.

Trials show that it should last between 120-150 dentals before needing to be replaced.

✅ After 150-200 mouths, it becomes poor economics to keep using the worn out disc, as it means the motor and gears have to keep working longer, thus wearing them out faster. Plus it will create more heat on the tooth. And will waste the vet’s time - which is worth $5-8/minute. 😩


Able to contour the rear edge of the last upper cheek tooth.

Incisor reductions are completed easily. Diamond edges are very sharp and cut more efficiently than carbide chip edges.

Most gentle and user-friendly wheel on the last hooks and ramps. Minimal soft tissue abrasion.

25mm Stainless steel disc with medium grit diamonds.

Compatible with guarded Right Angle and Short Guarded Right-Angle Shafts

PF Diamond Grinding Disc

SKU: PF0030
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