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With the ease and convenience similar to a Swayles gag, this speculum is a lot safer to use than the dangerous metal Swayles gag.

The nylon wedge allows the pressure to be distributed over several cheek teeth and will not fracture teeth like a Swayles gag.

Ideal for allowing probing of incisor occlusal tables or filing incisor teeth.

This speculum is better tolerated than a tube speculum, however it is important to have a dedicated assistant to keep the wedge positioned between the molar arcades to prevent damage to the palatal mucosa.

Can be used for xraying incisors, but less ideal than the aluminium plates.

Comes with a five-year warranty on the metal shaft. Replacement nylon wedges are available.

Wedge (nylon) Speculum – with 2 sizes of wedge

ETA is currently June 2024. Pre-ordering will ensure your allocation.
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