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1x LED motor, 2x 3.0Ah batteries, 1x charger AU, 1x LED shaft, 1x guarded head, 1x rotary disc, 1x case


Terafloat Basic Set AU: 1x Motor, 2x 3Ah batteries, 1x charger (AU), 1x Terafloat LED shaft, 1x guarded head with rotary disc, 1x unguarded head with apple core burr, long case.

The new Swissvet TERAFLOAT combines 15 years of experience with Swiss engineering.

The Terafloat has all the features a dental float ought to have: it is light weight, battery powered, with a flexible shaft, a rotating head, and interchangeable discs or burrs. It is water resistant, low maintenance, durable and affordable. It represents a new generation of dentistry instruments for routine or advanced procedures. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The Terafloat has been available for a little over two years and enjoys great popularity. It is a great instrument for routine dentistry and users particularly appreciate the light weight, the built in LED lights and the simple and durable construction.

Also available in the standard or professional set option.

Terafloat Basic LED Set

SKU: T-0005A
This item is a Special Order Product, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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