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Poskom X-Ray Generators

EVDS are both users and suppliers of the Poskom x-ray generator systems.

Poskom's are the preferred x-ray generators of EVDS and other leading dental vets since 2009.

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Poskom AirRay-20 Xray Generator

The Power & speed of use without the weight!


With 1.6 kW, 90 kV , 20 mA and a 1.0 mm focal spot in an ergonomically balanced 5.4 kg (11 pound) generator case , with an adjustable angle handle, this is the lightest equine mobile cordless generator in the world.

Able to penetrate and create great images in everything from equine necks & backs, through stifles, naviculars and right down to dog teeth, this machine is the ultimate allrounder.

It comes with 2 Lithium polymer batteries and these will take an average of 100 exposures per charge.

Batteries can be charged either inside or outside of the machine, along with while the machine is packed away in its case whilst driving in between calls.

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Poskom VET-20BT Xray Generator

The Popular Xray Generator of choice for Yearling Repository Xray Veterinarians since 2009!


Also very popular with equine dental and mixed practice veterinarians.


  • Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable batteries.

  • High frequency for high quality image production.

  • 1.6 KW output, 90kV/20 mA so suitable for small animals through to horse heads, stifles, necks and backs.

  • Lightweight and quick to set up.

  • Adjustable Collimator Light and Laser dots for Film Focal Distance – activate by hand switch.

  • 7.5 kg, battery powered – no cords

  • Approx 300 exposures per charge

  • No need to remove battery to charge

  • 15 APR memory settings

  • R/F module for wireless communication (D/R Interface)

  • Remote control software

  • A favourite with leading yearling X-ray Veterinarians.

  • Charge time: 4 hours

*Quote request form can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Please note, current wait times for new units are 5 to 8 weeks from payment to delivery.

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