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This modified Gunther speculum has all the features of a standard Gunther speculum, but the maxillary incisor plates can deviate to the side, allowing an excursion of the maxilla.

This speculum can used to improve the quality of certain radiology views (offset DV) or for certain surgical procedures.

It’s stainless steel plates are made with enough carbon to be attractive to the magnetised Powerlite.

It has padded incisor plates to help protect the incisors during extractions.

Able to be hooked up to the dental halter rope & cleat to be able to adjust head height quickly & easily during the procedure.

This speculum is essential in performing minimally invasive transbuccal extractions.

Made of stainless steel with a biothane strap.

Modified Gunther speculum

SKU: S-0022
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