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The PowerFloat Quick Connect system allows the practitioner versatility to rapidly switch between several specially designed floating attachments in seconds.

Kit #2 contains all the items in the BASIC Quick Connect PowerFloat Kit with the addition of the Slim Un-guarded Right-Angle Attachment with chamfer burr. The abrasive surface of the chamfer burr is coated with an exceptionally durable diamond composite material.

The chamfer burr is used for precise angled floating of the sharp enamel points on the upper and lower dental arcades. The narrow configuration of the chamfer burr allows veterinary practitioners to easily remove sharp enamel points and dominant cingula from the caudal upper cheek teeth. The chamfer burr can be removed from the long shaft and replaced with an apple core burr within minutes

Variable speed (0 to 4000 rpm) 20-volt lithium-ion motor with nano technology. The Dewalt drill has been adapted so that is runs much higher rpm than the Dewalt drills that can be bought from hardware stores.

The shafts can be rotated into the up or down position for floating of both the upper and lower dental arcades.

The cordless motor is adapted so that different shafts can be attached according to need.


PowerFloat Cordless "Quick Connect" Basic Kit includes:

•    Quick Connect Cordless model with Long Guarded Right-Angle Attachment with Flat Diamond Disc

•    Long Unguarded Right-Angle Attachment with Chamfer Burr

•    2 x DeWalt 20-volt Lithium NANO battery packs

•    DeWalt 20-volt Lithium NANO battery charger

•    Small grease gun (lubricant applicator)

•    Additional grease tube (400g) (Premium Food Machinery Grade)

•    Large and small nylon mouth gag

•    Cleaning brush

•    Hand towel

•    Protective Nanuk Carry Case

•    Owner's Manual

Powerfloat Cordless Quick Connect Kit #2

SKU: PF0005
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