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The PowerSpray Irrigation System comes with two spray nozzles that deliver a fine water spray which eliminates heat production from grinding surface and reduces inhalation of tooth dust.  Perio-Wand system delivers a high pressure spray through a right angle nozzle which fits into periodontal pockets on the lingual or buccal sides of teeth.

Accessories included:

  • 12 Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery and charger
  • 4 Clips to attach spray nozzles to PowerFloat attachments
  • 2 replacement spray nozzles and small tubing
  • 3.0 L water collapsible reservoir


Dust free visualization with minimal water volume.

Dual valve design allows for two attachments to be utilized without switching hardware.

Quick-disconnect fitting on the perio-wand for storage.

PF PowerSpray Irrigation System

SKU: PF2000
This item is a Special Order Product, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
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