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The PowerCool Sectioning Pump is an economical water system for occasional advanced dentistry where water cooling is 100% essential. Eg sectioning a tooth for extraction.


The system comes with one spray nozzle to clip onto the PowerFloat shaft that delivers a fine water spray which eliminates heat production from grinding surface and reduces inhalation of tooth dust.


Accessories included:

2 Clips to attach spray nozzle to PowerFloat attachment

3.8 L refillable hand pressurized pump

Flexible coiled hose with on/off valve



Cost effective water cooling system for veterinary clinics that occasionally complete advanced dentistry procedures such as coronectomy, alveolectomy, tooth sectioning, interproximal grooving and occlusal relief.

Sectioning pump delivers a water spray mist to cool carbide burrs during usage to ensure no breakage in the cooling process occurs.

When properly pressurized the pump will operate for 15+ minutes before requiring additional pressurization.


Please note this is a special order item. Allow up to 2 weeks for product to reach EVDS prior to shipment to your preferred address

PF PowerCool Sectioning Pump

SKU: PF2010
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