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Rectangular shaped solid carbide burr: rounded end with aggressive cutting pattern.

Diastema treatment final widening, this .25-inch (6.33 mm) diameter burr is used as the 3rd and final diastema widening procedure in geriatric horses to create a final space width of 6.33 mm.

This procedure, first described by BA Rucker DVM of Virginia, has helped the dental comfort of many geriatric horses when more conservative treatment such as removal of malocclusions and local flushing and antibiotic therapy is no longer effective.

Threads into the right angle of the PowerFloat.

Rounded end of burr is also used to smooth jagged edges of the periodontal pocket and allow food material to escape from the site.

Product Info:

• Material composition: Solid carbide burr mounted on a stainless-steel shaft.

• .25-inch (6.33 mm.) diameter.

• Total burr length 1 inch (25 mm)

• Total cutting portion 3/4 inch (20 mm.)

• Compatible with PowerFloat Attachments: Guarded Right Angle, Un-Guarded Right Angle, Short

• Guarded Right Angle, Short Un-Guarded Right Angle

Periodontal 6mm wide Diastema Burr

SKU: PF0039
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