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Designed in 2018, these cap extractors are suitable for removing retained deciduous cheek teeth in both upper and lower arcades. They also will suffice in removing most loose cheek teeth in geriatric horses. Being only 15 inches (38cm) in length, they can remain in your bucket at all times and be readily accessible for the many times you will use them in routine dental work.

Machined grooves on jaws can be used for opening McPherson style speculums. Speculums can be hard to open while horses are biting down on the incisor plates with excessive force. The machined grooves can be positioned and used to pry open the side arms of the speculum. Once partially open, the jaws of the forceps can be positioned between the incisor plates to complete the opening of the speculum.

Stainless steel.

Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Oli’s Style Cap Extractors with speculum opener - 2018

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AU$316.89Sale Price
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