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The Liyou Wood Block can do what the leading alternative system on the market does, but for less than 15% of the price!

It allows the sedated horses head to be rested on a table surface, for repeatable and consistent radiography angles of both sides of the head for comparison.

The LWB keeps the incisors apart at either 60, 80 or 100 mm so allows for open mouth radiography of the cheek teeth. The most commonly used distance is 80 mm, and that is where it not only protects the lips and tongue from being cut should the head "bounce" its incisors on the table, but it also allows the use of offset DV views of the cheek teeth.

The LWB is also ideal for canine surgeries - see pics and videos attached .

Beautifully finished off with smooth edges and no splinters, this block will last a lifetime and is essential part of any equine radiography kit.

Many vets claim they will make their own, spending hours of time seeking the right timber, measuring, cutting, sanding and finishing the project. All time that they could have earnt close to $1000 as a vet. 🤣👍

Liyou Wood Blocks

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