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Useful where geriatrics have no incisors , or in incisor extractions.

Can place the padded plates at the site where incisors used to be, or further distally in the diastema space.

Made with high quality magnetized stainless steel with a thick coating of soft rubber which provides excellent comfort for the geriatric horse.

They are wider than the normal plates so need to be used together.

Price is for 2 plates.

Fits the EVDS speculum.

Comes with a 5-year warranty.

*Suited to Mcpherson style speculums, however, hinge joint and/or rubber edge near hinge joint may need to be filed/trimmed to suit varying model types and sizes.

Geriatric Plate For EVDS Speculum Extra Soft-set of 2

SKU: SP04.1
Out of Stock
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