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The EVDS Pony Speculum has been designed by equine vets to specifically accommodate ponies. It's ideal for practitioners who do lots of pony/mini dentistry. Not only does it fit very small equines better, nothing impresses a "small horse owner" more than when you pull out a nice shiny speculum designed "just for their little pony!"

The EVDS pony speculum, just like the EVDS 2016 horse speculum, has many features that makes it stand out from the crowd.

It features:

Low maintenance yet very strong biothane poll and nose straps with closely positioned holes for the comfort of the pony. Uniquely designed sidearm hinges produce a spreader effect to keep the sidearms and poll straps away from the pony’s cheeks.

With five teeth on the ratchets, the speculum is easy to open and close. The ratchets have been specifically thickened to add extra insurance against breaking.

Closing tabs on the speculum make it easier to close when on the pony.

Magnetised half-moon plates come standard with the speculum.

Optional incisor plates for parrot mouths are available, as well as replacement ratchets.

The Stainless Steel EVDS Pony Speculum surpasses all the other cheaper speculums on the market by far with its superior quality and five year warranty.

EVDS Pony Speculum S/Steel with 1/2 Moon Plates

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