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The Chamfer diamond burr enables veterinarians to reduce sharp enamel points on the upper and lower dental arcades at variations of a 45-degree angle.

The specially designed Chamfer guard protects mucosal tissue during burring procedures.


Trials show that the chamfer burr should last approx. 200 dentals before needing to be replaced.



• Fast and efficient

• The narrow configuration of both the Un-Guarded Right Angle and Chamfer Burr allows very easy access to rear molars so that sharp enamel points can be appropriately smoothed and reduced.


Product Info:

• Material composition: Medium Grit Diamond Burr

• Also available in a small size – PF0033A


Compatible with:

• Un-Guarded Right-Angle Shaft Attachment

Chamfer Burrs

SKU: PF0033
  • For our customers wanting to return “Special Order” products due to a change of mind, unfortunately we cannot always guarantee a credit or full refund due to the nature of a special-order item. Please contact our office to discuss options that are available to you.

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